The service and response from AAT Environmental; for a Lead Paint Inspection was tremendous. I called the "other guys" first, and got " I'm not sure when I can schedule an appointment, so I will have to call you back later today" Needless to say, they  did not call back until 2 weeks later. That was well after my deadline for getting inspections completed for a home purchase. Luckily I also called AAT Environmental, Blake Rindahl responded in time for my deadline, rushed the samples over Easter weekend and provided me with a concise report detailing any issues with the home in question. Blake collected soil samples, dust samples and examined the paint with a state of the art device (which is well beyond the capability of swab tests sold in stores). With a small child and a pregnant wife, the peace of mind was well worth the fee and I would highly recommend AAT Environmental, Inc. - Michael Proffitt 
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